Sports Betting For Louisiana Residents

Louisiana may be a state where gambling is famous, particularly when it comes to poker, but sports betting in Louisiana is not something you will find. Even the last bastion for easy gambling has been curtailed in the state, as Louisiana's legislators have made online gambling a crime. This makes them one of the very few states to actually ban sports betting on the Internet, which means you will not have the freedom to simple turn to the Internet to begin gambling. We are here to explain to you the laws related to sports gambling online as well as where you can begin to bet if you decide to take the chance and break the law - an activity we do not condone, recommend, or feel you should do. We are not liable for how you use this information, and we do not ever suggest violating any criminal law.

Legal Sports Betting Sites Accepting Louisiana Residents

In spite of the laws stating that online sports gambling is illegal, there are various sports betting sites that currently accept residents of Louisiana. Should you decide you are willing to violate the law, then you may as well protect yourself by sticking to the safest possible betting locations. When we tested these sites, which we did outside of Louisiana, we had made sure their odds, bonuses, and transactions were all fair, easy and legitimate. No subpar gambling site made it passed our testing, and we can tell you that each of these sites are totally safe - in terms of legitimacy. You will still be violating the law, however.

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Is sports betting legal in Louisiana?

Unfortunately, all forms of sports gambling are illegal in Louisiana. You will not be able to bet on sports without the potential risk of having the authorities bear down on you and send you to a cell for up to six months. Strictly by the law, we do not recommend you attempt to bet on sports within the borders of Louisiana... but, you do not have to worry about getting in trouble for betting on the Saints games this season or whatever sport / team you prefer.

Louisiana Sports Betting & Gambling Laws

Betting on sports in the state of Louisiana is not something that is currently legal. The state legislature has codified the law in Chapter 14, Subpart B, Section 90.3. In this section the legislature has written that gambling with a computer, over the Internet, is a crime. This encompasses sports gambling, making it illegal for players to hit the Internet with the hope of betting on sports. Should you violate this law you face a penalty of six months imprisonment, a fine of not more than five hundred dollars, or both. Therefore it is not recommended that you attempt to place any wagers by way of the Internet.

Legal Gambling Age For Louisiana Residents

If you decide you want to gamble in Louisiana, keep in mind that, even though gambling on sports is a crime, you still have to adhere to the age limits in place. Sports betting sites will require you to be at least 21 years of age before you can participate.

Land Based Gambling In Louisiana

Belle of Baton Rouge Casino, Bally's Belle of Orleans, Boomtown Casino, Carnival Club, Hollywood Casino, Crescent City Casino, Cypress Bayou Casino, Evangeline Downs Casino, Grand Casino Coushatta, HArrah's Casino, Horseshoe Casino, Diamond Jacks Hotel & Casino, Isle of Capri Casino, L'Auberge du Lac Hotel & Casino, Lucky Longhorn Casino, Paragon Casino Resort, Poker Palace Casino, The Quarters Casino & Restaurant, Treasure Chest Casino.

There are currently no options for land based sports betting in the state of Louisiana. Rather, there are no legal, regulated and licensed locations for sports betting in the state. The Internet has a few options, but these are also criminal.

FAQ About Online Sports Betting In Louisiana

1) Where can I read the gambling laws regarding online sports betting in Louisiana for myself?

The laws are listed here -

2) Has there ever been an arrest due to this law?

We have never heard of anyone being arrested, but this does not mean you will not be the first.

3) Why has Louisiana outlawed online sports gambling?

Louisiana has outlawed online sports gambling ostensibly for morality, but there is also the idea that it takes money away from licensed and tax paying gambling locations.

4) Why is online sports gambling not regulated?

Under the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act it is currently illegal for Louisiana to establish a regulatory body for sports betting.

5) Is it a crime to place bets or to take bets?

Both. You cannot host bets, nor can you accept bets.

6) How can I cash in my winnings if it is illegal to bet on sports?

You will still be able to cash in your winnings, but it is going to be a bit more difficult. We do not condone breaking the law.

7) How difficult is it for me to actually fund my account?

You should not have too much trouble funding your account through your gambling site, as credit cards have been proving fairly effective.

8) Outside of the legal consequences associated with sports gambling, what penalties exist for betting on sports underage?

Underage gamblers will have their accounts locked and their finances confiscated.

9) Do federal laws prohibit online sports gambling?

No. No federal law makes it a crime for you to bet on sports.

10) Will online sports gambling ever be legal in Louisiana?

If federal restrictions change and allow the state to earn money off of taxing sports betting, you will see that Louisiana could theoretically legalize sports betting in the state.

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